Having a lucrative blog isn’t exactly that simple, you should be subtle, have behind-the-scenes tweaks and additions that can really improve things greatly with regards to the success of your blog. Monetizing it properly is exceptionally important. Do you intend to monetize your blog? Would you like to find out about monetizing your content? Then you have found the right place. There are numerous elements and components that you ought to consider before monetizing your content. With regards to blogging, there are certain obvious things that you should be pro in. Hence, we have accumulated and picked 10 highlighting points for making things simpler for you.

Having your own domain name is a must
Choose or pick a name that sounds good and is simple to recall. Less obscure name is simpler for people to find. Possessing a personalized domain name gives a more professional look about you. It is simpler to get your site enlisted with well-known web crawlers. Going by your own domain name you have a better luck with search engine listings. Without owning your very own domain name your blogs can’t be monetized. You ought to abstain from picking domain names that formerly existed or are on similar lines with your counterparts because then people may wind up on your competitor’s site as opposed to yours! They may get confused with the two domain names.

Always maintain content quality and keep updating your content regularly
Content is the perfect bait to build a sturdy audience, particularly with storytelling. An interesting content and equally compelling imagery are pivotal. Top-notch content is massively imperative for a stellar performance of your brand. It is one of the benchmarks advertisers are endeavoring to reach. Content monetization strategy built for content monetization is the real heartbeat behind its accomplishment. You need to constantly update your content, re-launch, and re-post over different platforms. It is widely recommended that building new products and formats will multiply your audience and revenue count.

Careful with illegitimate content
Some online content is restricted under the law since it is unlawful or offensive. Such material can be found on peer-to-peer networks, forums, and sites providing access to live streaming video. Even when unintentionally accessed, such content can wreck havoc, especially for kids. You ought to know about the content that deals with violence – games or films, criminal activity, and sexually explicit content. These are prohibited.

Select the ad-formats wisely
In the current times, online advertisements have become an everyday part of our online life. For new marketers, it tends to get a little overwhelming getting a grip on the span and diversity of online ads. They have to bear in ind that an excessive number of advertisements on a page will obliterate or will become an obstruction for user engagement. It would be extremely distracting for the audience to consume the content. There are different ad-formats one can explore. Formats like interstitial video ads, in-stream and out-stream video ads, rich media ads, engagement ads, native ads, and the list goes on. One has to be extremely careful while choosing a right ad-format to suits ones needs.

Do not undermine the importance of quality traffic
An old adage – quality over quantity fits the situation quite perfectly. The quality of your traffic is more crucial than the quantity. Essentially, you can play around by amplifying your titles designed for clickbait. While discussing the quality of your traffic, it is important to consider a few points. Firstly, is this traffic genuine? Next, is your targeting strategy. You can choose from a wide range of targeting options like demographic targeting, psychographic targeting, behavioural targeting, geo-targeting, and so on.

Say hello to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – On page and off page:
On-Page SEO includes making your site’s content web-crawler friendly. On-page optimization involves organizing the content in a way that it gets tracked by the search engines for the given keywords and key phrases.

Off-Page SEO includes the website’s inherent perception on the web shaped by what different sites say about you. An off-page optimization comprises of getting backlinks to your page from the different sites in your genre. It is a long process and takes a while to progress.

Arbitrage and content aggregator:
Have you caught up the concept of arbitrage yet? It is the holy grail of display advertising. Arbitrage is a keenly tracked procedure of buying traffic to a specific website page and consequently making more in income than the initial inbound click cost. Web-based advertising is fraught with the problem of ad fraud. Arbitrage purchases traffic from those sites which are free from bot traffic. Subsequently, it enhances the pace of monetization.

Are you familiar with the term content aggregator? It is an association or person that aggregates web content from various online hotspots for resale or reuse. So, theese are some of the smart ways to raise your blog traffic. That is the ultimate dream of every blogger, isn’t it?

Content monetization in the year 2016 includes adapting better approaches to allot and market content with the goal of achieving a pool of buyers and leads on platforms. These platforms offer a substantial pool of engaged users who are there for just a single reason: to purchase premium digital content. If you are still curious about unique ways of content monetization and earning high revenue, then you can register with IncrementX.

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