Header Bidding

Unlimited Demand Sources | Exclusive Pre-bid Auctions | Enhanced Revenue

Publishers can get bids from preferred demand sources even before seeking bids from other demand sources, all in real-time.

What Is Header Bidding?

Header-bidding is a pre-bidding programmatic technique where publishers offer their ad inventories to multiple ad exchanges and integrate their demand across multiple sources. This leads to greater competition which in turn results in better revenues for them.


Multiple Demand Sources

Integrate multiple external demand sources that compete in an external auction whose winner then competes with the internal demand sources of the website.

Enhanced Bid

Open competition between external and internal demand source benefits publishers by helping them understand the real value of their inventory.

Better Revenue

The header bidding technique helps publishers to multiply their revenue with increased eCPM as compared to traditional monetization techniques.

Prebid Auction

Receive bids simultaneously from multiple demand partners prior to making calls to the ad server, leading to higher ad revenue.

Enhanced User Experience

Reduce the auction latency and deliver better user experience to your visitors with faster loadings sites and apps.

Time Out

Set timelimits for which the setup must wait for the bids from each demand partner before the auction stops.

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