To address some of the common concerns you may have about our product or service, we’ve curated a list of FAQs. In case you have additional queries, you may write to us at support@incrementx.com.

Can IncrementX bar advertisers? At what level?
Yes, we can bar advertisers at the ad category level or at the ads category.
Where does IncrementX onboard the advertisers from?
We have a direct sales team operating from different locations across the globe. This is how we onboard direct advertisers and expansive brands. Besides, we also work with a few eminent agencies and trade with their marketplace.
How many ad spots can I have on a page?
There’s no limit regarding the ads that can be placed on a web page. The positioning depends upon the page design and content. However, for the best results, it is recommended to place at least 5 ads on each page on the site.
Is there any signing-up fee for IncrementX? Can I utilize IncrementX’s ads alongside advertisements from other ad networks?
There’s no cost involved in signing up for our premium publisher program. You can also run IncrementX’s ads alongside other advertisers.
What are your revenue terms?
We pay each of our publishers on a net 60 payout cycle.
What are the modes of payment?
We have the following modes of payment – PayPal, Wire, Transfer, NEFT ( for Indian Clients), and Payoneer.
What should be my CPM or fill rate?
The CPMs and fill rates totally rely upon your traffic quality, ad position, GEOs, site genre, and other factors.
What is the base payout limit for payment?
The base payout limit for payment is $1000 for wire transfer and $100 for PayPal.
What sorts of ad formats are endorsed by IncrementX?
IncrementX endorses ad formats like text, video, rich media, display, and so on.
What kind of publishers does IncrementX undertake for its program?
We are exceptionally specific about the kind of publishers we work with. The publishers must have owned and operated the websites. The sites must adhere to out pre-set guidelines that can be read here –
What kind of advertisements will you display on my site?
We strive to display the most relevant ads to your site visitors and for this, we apply numerous retargeting mechanisms. We aim for ads that elicit superior engagement which in turn secures better results for your inventory.
Where would I be able to view my reports?
On a successful sanction of websites, all publishers gain access to their dashboards where the reports can be viewed. The performance stats can be seen ad unit wise and site wise.