Connect Directly with Niche Audiences Through CTV Advertising

Experience enhanced campaign optimization through our comprehensive suite of CTV ad solutions and strategic partnerships, ensuring your content reaches the right viewers in safe and relevant environments.

Our Solutions

Better Monetization

In-Stream Video Ads

Engage viewers with high-impact full-screen video ads that seamlessly integrate before, during, or after video content. Our technology ensures these ads are optimized for viewer engagement and retention, enhancing the viewing experience without disrupting it.

Audience Bucketing

Interactive Ads

Elevate your ad impact with interactive elements that encourage viewer participation. These ads offer a dynamic way to engage audiences, allowing them to interact directly with the ad content through quizzes, polls, or clickable actions, leading to higher engagement rates.


Overlay Ads

Subtly capture attention with semi-transparent overlay ads that provide valuable information without taking over the screen. These overlays appear during video playback, offering a balanced approach to visibility and non-intrusiveness, ideal for sustained brand presence.


Sponsored Content

Align your brand with viewer interests through custom content integrations. Our sponsored content solutions are designed to blend naturally with the host content, providing a coherent and contextually relevant viewer experience that enhances content value and brand recall.


Programmatic Direct Deals

Secure premium ad placements and precise audience targeting with our programmatic direct deals. This service combines the efficiency of programmatic buying with the specificity of direct sales, ensuring your ads reach the intended demographic in the most effective settings.


Technology and Standards

Advanced Ad Technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art programmatic platforms, we ensure precise targeting and optimal ad placement through real-time data analytics and machine learning, maximizing the impact of your CTV ads.

Industry Standards Collaboration

Partnering with key industry bodies like the IAB and MRC, we advocate for transparency and quality in digital advertising, establishing standards that protect ad integrity and enhance consumer privacy.

Inventory Verification and Fraud Protection

We implement robust verification measures and utilize advanced SDKs to ensure ad authenticity and safeguard against fraud, maintaining a secure and trustworthy advertising environment.

Optimized Ad Performance

Our systems continuously adjust ad strategies based on performance data and market trends, ensuring your advertising remains effective, relevant, and aligned with viewer preferences.

How IncrementX Provides CTV Ad Inventory

Leveraging advanced technology to offer high-quality CTV ad inventory.

Specializing in connecting brands with niche audiences across diverse markets.

Expertise in programmatic monetization ensures efficient ad delivery.

Access to a vast network of digital publishers in unrepresented geographies.


Publishers we have worked with