Have you ever seen an advertisement and been struck by it, to the point that even after hours of witnessing, it still didn’t leave your mind? Forget hours, there are some advertisements that don’t leave your mind at all. For example, the Nirma detergent jingle. We’re sure you already know even and you’re probably already singing it. That’s the power of strong advertisement.

In this cut-throat competition of the marketing industry, where brands are coming up with newer and varied forms of advertising every single day, sticking out can seem like a task, and rightfully so. So, what do you do? Programmatic Advertising. Now one may wonder, what is it? Let’s find out.


What is Programmatic Advertising?
Programmatic advertising is basically utilizing technology to buy and sell digital ads. It delivers ad impressions to audiences within a fraction of a second.

The rise of Programmatic Advertising
You will now see a lot of brands using Programmatic Advertising, because of the reach it provides and the recall value it has. As per recent studies, within the umbrella of digital marketing, programmatic advertising takes over 40% of the space,

In India, the programmatic advertising market is growing rapidly. Brands like Flipkart and Zomato have embraced programmatic to enhance their marketing strategies. For example, Shopping apps like Myntra and Flipkart use programmatic advertising to target users based on their browsing behavior and purchase history, ensuring personalized ad experiences.

We help publishers optimize their revenue by using advanced data-driven and real-time bidding strategies, ensuring best returns.

Trends that will Shape the Future of Programmatic Advertising

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    AI and machine learning are at the heart of programmatic advertising’s future. These technologies enable more precise targeting and optimization.
    Indian companies like Reliance Jio are leveraging AI-driven programmatic advertising to deliver highly relevant content to their users. This not only improves user engagement but also maximizes ad spend efficiency.
  • Rise of CTV and OTT Platforms
    The consumption of digital content is shifting from traditional TV to CTV and OTT platforms. Services like Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix are immensely popular in India, offering new opportunities for programmatic advertising.
    For publishers, integrating programmatic strategies with CTV and OTT can open up new revenue streams. We offer solutions across CTV/OTT and various other channels to maximize reach and engagement, which is extremely crucial.
  • Increased Focus on Contextual Advertising
    This approach targets users based on the content they are engaging with rather than their past behavior.
    Publishers can use contextual advertising to serve ads that align with the interests of their audience. For example, an ad for sports gear on a cricket news site like Cricbuzz is likely to resonate well with its readers. IncrementX provides tools to optimize contextual targeting, ensuring higher engagement rates by serving ads that are relevant to the content being consumed.
  • Mobile-First Strategies
    With the use of smartphones, mobile-first strategies are imperative for effective programmatic advertising. Creating a user-friendly experience on mobile is extremely important, and businesses should start focusing on it more.
    Brands like Paytm and Swiggy are optimizing their ad campaigns for mobile devices, tapping into a rapidly growing user base and driving conversions.

As established, programmatic advertising is continuing to evolve and it has a bright future ahead. It is vital for the publishers to embrace innovation and newer trends to stay relevant.
IncrementX empowers publishers with advanced tools and strategic insights to navigate these changes effectively, ensuring sustainable growth and enhanced profitability in the digital advertising landscape. Embrace the future of programmatic advertising with IncrementX and unlock new opportunities for your publishing endeavors.

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