Recently, mobile ad spends have grown to an extent of surpassing TV and desktop spends. As per data from eMarketer, digital ad spends on mobile account for 70% of all digital ad spends. Publishers should not miss this amazing monetization opportunity. However, it is important to choose the right monetization partner.

For in-app monetization, the partners have to be chosen and the code should be implemented well in the beginning, before the app is submitted to the app store, unlike desktop monetization strategy where the partners are chosen after the website is up and running, and it has started getting considerable traffic.

So here are three things to look for in your in-app monetization partner:

High Ad Quality:
This is the most crucial requirement because it directly affects the user experience. The ads that you show in your app must be extremely high quality in order to preserve your users’ browsing experience with your app. One bad ad can have huge negative repercussions for you. It may result in bad reviews on app-store, negative publicity, and directly impact the number of downloads. Good quality ads (brand-safe, relevant and acceptable) can help to provide an increase in the Daily Active Users (DAU) by holding the users in for longer sessions.

Integration Options:
It is important to consider the integration options that a partner provides. Every integration has an impact on the performance of your app. You should look for lightweight integration options. If the SDK is heavy, it might slow down your app performance. Your users should not have to wait for the ad to load. You can choose a partner(s) who offers multiple integration options so that you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Global Coverage:
Your customers can belong to any part of the world. Hence, you need an app that serves ads to users across the world. It is preferred to have a partner who has data centres at regional levels. This will help to speed up the ad delivery. This is especially true for heavy formats like videos and playable. Moreover, the ads should also be relevant to the users’ respective country/region/ state. Thus, look for a partner having demand in the areas a majority of your users a based in.

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