PMP Representation

More Control | More Transparency | More Revenue

Gain control over your inventories with invite-only auctions having exclusive deal IDs. Decide your own floor price and command maximumrevenue for your premium inventory.


PMP deals are widely being used in the industry. Make the most of it.

Higher eCPMs

Maximum eCPM

Make your premium inventory available for select buyers and get higher eCPMs.

Direct relationships with buyers

Stronger Relationships

Directly connect with buyers while pre-negotiating mutually beneficial terms and conditions.

Brand Safety and Transparency

Brand Safety

Gain more control over your inventories and the ads being displayed on your site.

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

Get the most out of the programmatic advertising and automation in PMP deals.

Fixed Floor Price

Stable Floor Price

Prevent your impression from dropping low with fixed floor price.

Limited & Quality Buyers

Premium Buyers

Choose your buyers and get more control over your ads.

The true worth of your Audience

Relevant Audience

Sell your inventories to the buyers who find your audience relevant, thereby foster better engagement.

We offer everything right from the expert guidance to the necessary tech assistance to get you started with setting up the right PMP deals for your inventories. Here’s how we do it.



Our team of professionals help you set up the best deal so you get the best price for your inventory.

Premium Demand

Premium Demand

We connect you with the most relevant and premium demans sources across the globe.

Programmatic Private Marketplace (PMP)

Audience Profiling

Our DMP helps you analyze and process your visitor’s data so you can select relevant buyers for your audience.

Granular reports

Granular Reports

Our platform gets you access to the detailed and concise reports so you can analyze and understand the insights well.

Quality Ads

Quality Ads

We make use of advanced tools and techniques to make sure you’re only serving high-quality ads on your site.

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