Server-Side Header Bidding

Better Competition | Reduced Latency | Increased Revenue

Get ready for more competition, faster loading ads, and webpage with our server-side header bidding solutions which results in greater revenue.

Why Header Bidding?

Just by making a single call to the ad server, you can shift the load of conducting the auction from client’s browser to the server.

More competition

Increased Competition

We let you welcome more competition by helping publishers integrate the demand across multiple sources.
Reduce Latency

Reduced Latency

We bring the latency down which results in better page loading and eventually enhanced revenue.
Maximum Revenue

Maximum Revenue

We collect simultaneous bids from various ad exchanges externally and the highest bid wins the auction ensuring maximum revenue for publishers.

Here’s How It Works!

Server-side header bidding improves publisher revenues thereby resolves latency issues which is usually observed in browser-side header bidding. Publisherds across the globe are switching to this monetization method to maximise their revenues.

Process Flow

Let’s understand how the server-side header bidding works.


Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Prebid.js is a small piece of code which is to be implemented by the publishers and they’re all set to increase their revenue flow.

Header Bidding Solution

Transparent & Quick

Transparent monetization solutions give rise to an increased demand comparatively quickier.

Multiple formats

Various Formats

Multiple formats like display, video, and native ads are supported by prebid so publishers are not restricted to just one format.

Server Side Header Bidding

Prompt Response

Server-to-server helps getting quick responses about the ad request between multiple demand sources.


Easy Execution

Assign multiple demand sources to all the ad spots in a single tag rather than implementing individual ad tag to each ad spot.

Increased eCPMs

Get substantially higher revenue through better eCPM and high fill rates.

Demand Competition

You get the actual worth of your inventory with an open competition between external and internal demand sources.


Get a clear comparison between different demand sources, reduced discrepancies and latency.

Faster Loading Time

When the webpage loads faster, user experience automatically gets better.