New York, India, May 13th, 2024 – Vertoz’s IncrementX, a technology-led media representation platform has proudly announced its strategic alliance with Loop Media, a distinguished multichannel streaming CTV & DOOH platform for businesses. This collaboration heralds a new era in CTV & DOOH ad inventory programmatic monetization, promising enriched value and viewer experience while maximizing ROI.

By joining IncrementX, Loop Media gains access to cutting-edge programmatic demand tailored to optimize ad placements within its CTV & DOOH network. This integration seamlessly merges IncrementX’s unique monetization technology and premium demand partnerships with Loop Media’s extensive business location reach. Consequently, Loop Media’s CTV network leverages IncrementX’s valuable audience targeting signals, seamless ad server integrations, and AI-driven monetization thus empowering Loop Media’s audience engagement.

Jon Niermann, Founder, Loop Media, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with IncrementX has been extremely beneficial to our ad sales business. With IncrementX’s support, we have gained new programmatic demand sources, which unlocks more advertisers for Loop. We are excited to see what the coming months bring for our continued partnership.”

Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO of Vertoz, shared his excitement by adding, “We are thrilled with the outcomes of our collaboration with Loop Media. The impressive results we’ve witnessed thus far are just the beginning, paving the way for a great future marked by mutual growth and success. This partnership underscores the substantial value of Loop Media and the proven effectiveness of IncrementX’s CTV programmatic marketplaces in enhancing ad revenue for CTV publishers.”

About IncrementX:
IncrementX by Vertoz (NSEI: VERTOZ), is a technology-led media representation platform catering to a niche audience comprising Asian & Western digital publishers’ multicultural audiences, and CTV & DOOH Audiences. Through a blend of programmatic and direct brand deals, IncrementX facilitates these publishers, enabling them to maximize their reach and revenue potential. Serving as both a brand solutions and programmatic demand partner, IncrementX offers a holistic range of services. These include a global sales force, strategic partnerships, a programmatic marketplace, and an AI-powered monetization, all meticulously orchestrated to deliver a seamless monetization experience for its publishing partners.
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About Loop Media, Inc.

Loop Media, Inc. (“Loop®”) (NYSE American: LPTV) is a leading connected television (CTV)/ digital out-of-home TV and digital signage platform optimized for businesses, providing music videos, news, sports, and entertainment channels through its Loop® TV service. Loop Media is the leading company in the U.S. licensed to stream music videos to businesses through its proprietary Loop® Player. Loop® TV’s digital video content is streamed to millions of viewers in CTV / streaming / digital out-of-home locations including bars/restaurants, office buildings, retail businesses, college campuses, and airports, among many other venues in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Loop® TV is fueled by one of the largest and most important premium short-form entertainment libraries that includes music videos, movie trailers, branded content, and live performances. Loop Media’s non-music channels cover a wide variety of genres and moods and include movie trailers, sports highlights, lifestyle and travel videos, viral videos, and more. Loop Media’s streaming services generate revenue from programmatic and direct advertising and subscriptions.

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To learn more about the partnership, please contact:

Richa Chikara
Lead Corporate Communication
Phone: 1 (646) 883 3408

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