15th December 2023 Honda US, the prominent automotive giant, is currently running an advertising campaign targeting the rapidly expanding Asian American consumer segment. This campaign is specifically tailored to engage multiple Asian ethnicities, namely Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Vietnamese. To achieve this, Honda US partnered with different media placement companies along with IncrementX .

Within the US, there is a population of over 24 million Asians, encompassing diverse ethnicities and sub-ethnicities. However, this audience is widely dispersed across the continent. IncrementX possesses the technological capabilities and an extensive network of premium Indian and Asian publishers to effectively target this audience at a highly detailed level.

Given the remarkable growth of the Asian American demographic, projected to reach 46 million individuals in the US by 2060, it is not surprising that this audience has garnered significant attention from global brands. Asian Americans are known for their youthful population, higher educational attainment, and the highest average household income of approximately $110,000.

Honda US has strategically targeted the rapidly expanding Asian American consumer segment through tailored advertising campaigns, recognizing their potential as a lucrative market with high purchasing power.

Source Material: Marketing Dive | Pew Research Center | Statista

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