With the ascent of technology, there is a wide shift in the digital advertising world. Everyone is embracing programmatic. At IncrementX, we endeavour to simplify the word programmatic and elucidate why publishers ought to opt for it. Programmatic is an automated process which includes real-time bidding (RTB) and artificial intelligence technology for buying and selling inventory across mobile, display, social and video. Yes, it is a fact that previously, some publishers were hesitating to give it a try. Though, they realized that programmatic is the most secure way to play and earn. Following are a few reasons, why should publishers monetize their inventory with programmatic.

Brands are going programmatic and focusing more on RTB
Taking an overall look at the digital advertising industry, we can say that a significant number of the advertisers are inclining towards programmatic. So, the publishers have likewise begun entering this space. The fundamental purpose for publishers moving on to programmatic is, to a greater extent, optimizing their revenues. With a rise in the popularity of programmatic advertising, an increasing number of publishers are making their inventory available. Consequently, it is now possible for advertisers to purchase a wide range of inventory through programmatic. As more and more advertisers are choosing programmatic due to its undeniable advantages, like the unique targeting capabilities and granular reporting, the demand is also increasing. Thus, supply must increase on programmatic platforms.

Programmatic guarantees you with assured bidding for the ad-spot
Before RTB came onto the scene, it was grandly troublesome for publishers to find the better fill-rate for their ad-spots. Today, this picture has begun to change. There is a huge competition among the players and programmatic advertising has become the default choice to ascertain sustenance. With the assistance of RTB, publishers are achieving remarkable profits. This is especially true in light of the fact that there is a pool of advertisers who are sitting tight to bid for the same ad spot in real-time. In the programmatic advertising space, various advertisers will be bidding for the visitors’ profiles to target them through different alternatives like direct website targeting, demographic targeting, contextual targeting, and so on. As there is high demand, the chances are high that the publisher’s ad-spot will go for the bidding in a relevant campaign. At IncrementX, we assist you with monetizing your inventory. We help you to find the perfect advertising match.

Through programmatic, Publishers can enjoy the benefits of an open Ad Exchange
Let’s first understand what is an open ad exchange. It is an open digital advertising marketplace for the inventory sourced from various partners, where buyers i.e. advertisers can bid either physically or programmatically to buy ad impressions. The entry of ad exchanges has completely transformed the way display ads are purchased and sold. On IncrementX, we provide free purchasing of inventory. In addition, publishers also get the highest fill rates. An open ad exchange enables all buyers to buy the inventory in real-time. Programmatic advertising provides publishers with higher revenues. Advertisers pay higher revenues because their ads are being shown to the right kind of viewers that they want to target. Because of the open ad exchange technology, publishers get the best eCPM.

Granular reporting for Publishers
The charm of programmatic advertising and monetization is that all actions from bidding until the ads are served are transparent. Publishers are able to see in real-time on the dashboard that what sort of advertisements are being displayed, how much publishers are procuring, what number of impressions been served by them and what number of impressions won the auction. Analyzing these reports, publishers can strategize to block or allow particular advertisers, ad technologies, or advertisements from a particular region. Along with it, rules can be made for block filtering and opt-in filtering for even specific granular controls. This will aid the publishers in showing the most relevant ads to their visitors. Relevant ads will increase the user engagement and CTR % for the advertisements, which will reward the publishers with better revenues.

Why should Publishers have a good traffic on the websites?
Content is the King and looks like it will continue to reign in the future. Consequently, it is a thumb rule in the programmatic world that content ought to be premium and legitimate as it gives an extended user session on the site. This implies that more pages will be seen in the same session by a similar client, thus reducing the bounce rates. It is likely that an ever increasing number of advertisements will be displayed after refreshing the page.

It is crucial to have potential and legitimate traffic on your site. The major reason being that an ad exchange will never endorse fraud traffic. If an ad exchange detects fraud traffic, it will straight away boycott that publisher and that publisher will lose all that he has earned. Keep in mind, good and quality traffic will consistently give great income for long-term.

It is crucial that you know how to grow the traffic to your site. Ensure that you keep a check with the assistance of fraud detection and prevention mechanisms. On the other hand, if your primary traffic source fails you, it could very well be the end of your business.

The digital advertising industry is stirring and drawing nearer to programmatic. Programmatic is the ultimate fate of buying and selling of inventory. This is the best time for each of the publishers to prepare for it and take control.

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