Publishers know the drill – create amazing content that goes viral, attract more visitors and increase the traffic, monetize the traffic to generate revenue. Pretty straightforward, right? But not so easy. It involves a lot more efforts. The topic must be interesting enough for the potential readers, it must create a buzz and evoke the readers’ interest. Then, it must reach the readers who would be interested in reading the content and sharing it with more people. It should be like some reader magnet that attracts scores of readers, increasing the traffic.

Only when there’s enough traffic, can publishers think of monetizing it and generating more revenue. So here are a few steps, which will help you accomplish this goal:

  1. Find your visitor persona:
    This is the first step and quite crucial. It helps to get a clear and deeper understanding of how your typical visitor looks like and what are their interests. A visitor persona is a semi-fictional representation of your typical or ideal visitor based on market research and real data about your existing visitors. It is important to go into the nitty-gritty of it because the deeper is the understanding, the better your content will align to your visitors’ interest, solve a problem, enhance your reader’s life or make something better. Consider factors like industry’s current trends and visitors’ past browsing patterns, sex, location, age, occupation, marital status, hobbies, interests, and so on.
  2. Create content based on visitors’ pain points, their problems or needs:
    Think what their greatest frustrations, problems or needs are. These are the real pain points that make their life difficult. These are the issues to which your readers are seeking answers. Once you have identified their problems or needs, do some keyword research to find the words they are using while looking for solutions. You must use these keywords, terms, and phrases in your content so that they can easily find your content. These keywords can be used to find the most trending topics, feature articles, and news that can go viral and gain traction quickly.
  3. Find the most relevant content distribution channels:
    Understand the different purposes and the different type of users that frequent the top social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. For instance, Instagram users are more into sharing photos, quotes about love and life, and interesting images. LinkedIn is more of a professional, white-collar career-oriented platform. Choose the most relevant distribution that best suits your visitors’ persona.
  4. Social sharing works wonders:
    Sharing freshly written articles on social media can help you to generate more traffic. You can create an excerpt of your article and post it on relevant social platforms. Don’t forget to make the content eye-catching with the help of relevant, well-designed and attractive images to go along with it. Also, ensure that you include the link to the complete blog post. This way you’ll drive traffic to your blog through these social platforms.
  5. Track and analyze your blog’s performance:
    It is important to track and analyze content performance based on metrics such as visitors, video views, shares, subscriptions, and others. A/B testing helps to understand which content works better and by how much.
  6. Try Audience Extension:
    Audience Extension will help you to discover more visitors like your current visitors, based on their behavior & interests. Through audience extension, you can find the websites that your readers visit, after they leave your website. This helps you to better understand their interests and preferences. Once you know what interests them, you can create content related to those topics to get more traffic on your website. This way you can maximize the reach of your content and increase the incoming traffic.
  7. Keep Repeating:
    Repeat the above steps in a cycle as long as your blog exists. This is important as the trends change continuously, your competition becomes stronger, and new content distribution tools and channels emerge. You need to keep yourself updated in order to incorporate all these changes into your cycle.
    We hope these tips work for you and help you generate more viral content that drives more traffic to your blog and generate more revenue in turn. At IncrementX, we provide all-round solutions that help publishers improve their revenues at each step. Our solutions range right consultation on strategic content creation, marketing the content to the right set of audience, audience extension through data-driven insights, to content structuring, strategic ad placements to monetization.IncrementX

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