The revolutionary and innovative technology of Programmatic Advertising is swooping advertisers off their feet. Advertisers are allocating more and more portions of their ad budgets towards programmatic. As per the latest forecast, by 2020, programmatic is expected to account for 68% of digital media advertising.

While programmatic is the flavour of the day for advertisers, what about publishers? With demand for programmatic going high with the advertisers, its time for publishers to take their cues from the changing winds and shifting sands, and start monetizing programmatically. Here are a few reasons why it is a great idea:

Direct Sales Have Limitations:

Direct Sales Have Limitations:
In traditional direct sales, a direct deal is negotiated between advertisers and the publishers and the ad spot is filled with the ads from the said advertiser till the promised period. The problem is that the same ad is shown to all the visitors coming on the website for a long period, making it monotonous for the viewers. Over time, this can hamper the CTR% and a major drop in the number of regular visitors because of these ads. Advertisers have to rely on publishers’ report. As there is no centralized platform to verify the numbers, advertisers hesitate for direct sale deals. Programmatic advertising has a solution to each of these problems.

Programmatic will help to monetize every impression:

Programmatic will help to monetize every impression
Programmatic advertising is where publishers can get a high demand and the best value for their inventory. Using the programmatic technique of Header Bidding & Yield Optimization publishers can earn the maximum ad revenue through increased competition for their ad inventory by opening it for bids from multiple advertisers. Further, they can also leverage Private Marketplace (PMP) deals to get premium prices for their premium ad slots from advertisers that are highly interested in their niche audiences.

Transparent for advertiser and publisher both:

Transparent for advertiser and publisher both
Advertisers are increasingly worried about brand safety and transparency problems. By opening up the inventory for programmatic advertising, publishers can offer a brand-safe and transparent ad serving environment to advertisers. Not just this, they can get transparency for their traffic as well. Publishers can also get ad fraud detection and prevention tools with their monetization platform to help thwart frauds like incoming bot traffic and domain spoofing. These fraud detection techniques can be installed at the website or app level.

With such unprecedented, there’s hardly any reason for publishers to be skeptical about programmatic advertising. It’s time publishers be strategic and making the smart move by going programmatic.

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