Asian Americans

Fastest Growing, Highly Affluent & Early Tech Adopters

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A boquet of ethnic groups of the Asian descent make up the term “Asian American,”

More than 20 countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia contribute to the diversity of the Asian American population.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris

Vice President of the US

Kamala Harris

Andrew Yang

Politician & Attorney

Kamala Harris

Satya Nadella

CEO of Microsoft

Kamala Harris

Tammy Duckworth

Jr. US senator from Illinois

Kamala Harris

Sundar Pichai

CEO of Google


Indra Nooyi

Ex CEO PepsiCo.

The Asian diaspora is an expanding demographic group that is bound to increase by a vast majority in the coming decade. With a sizable segment of the population being infulenced by the social media and the tech boom, this community is seen as an integral point in our consumer economics.

Facts & Figures

Fastest growing Immigrant
group in the US

A buying power of USD 1.3 trillion

Their average household income is approx $120,000 per year.

60% of US born Asians belong to Gen Z or younger age bracket.

The Asian American population currently stands at 24 Million.

The average median age of
Asians in the US is 33

87.8% of all Asians in the United States 25 and older have at least a high school diploma

By 2060, this population is projected to increase by 143%, from 24 million to 49 million

Understanding the Asian Audience

Understanding the Asian Audience

Young Asian Americans assimilated into the US and now identify themselves as Asian Americans while still maintaining a deep-rooted connection to their religion, culture, and heritage.

As a quality-conscious community, they are loyal to strong brands from which they derive their money’s worth. With a rapid increase in the buying power of this ethnic community, it is clear that investing in this niche audience segment will result in progressive growth for any Brand or Advertiser.

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